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Sunday, June 8, 2014

you're the perfect snarker

i get along with the bloggers who get caught in a tangled web of internet insecurity as google attracts them with optimism. truth was, i began blogging in 2008; therefore i am a prominent blogger of the best stories all human beings can depend on and on...

but, allegedly, you've been snarked!

snarking is the best way to create storytelling chaos in america. really.

here is a photo of me taken with a dell inspiron laptop p.c.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

debut post: the rebel

mark goodson and bill todman pioneered the free-to-air television network western drama concept with the 1950s abc television network scripted series the rebel, about the escapades of wild-west outlaw johnny yuma. set in the 19th century, this goodson-todman western was one of three series the duo had developed in the pre-family feud/pre-card sharks/pre-blockbusters era. the other goodson-todman western dramas were branded and jefferson drum, both of which gave abc viewers a time-travel trip to the good ol' days of frontier outlaw justice.

(via fremantlemedia)